The TASM Conference

34th Annual Conference

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To all whom made this TASM convention one of the best shows ever,

Good morning to everyone. I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for all the time and effort everyone put in to making this convention as great as it turned out. It is not easy to run and coordinate one show let alone 2 combining together at the same time. Just wanted to give you a little insight to what I saw and experienced having been doing these for 30 years now, since my childhood on up.

The overall show was flawless in our eyes. As a vendor, the time we had with the customers was perfect, the yard tour was in the top 3 best ever in 30 years of comparing yard tours with 4 different associations, the hotel was very accommodating for the size group we had, the hospitality was as excepted perfect as it has always been in the past with the Texans, and the complete format and layout of the show seemed to flow perfectly with no flaws.

Now, I realize this is all my opinion and I am sure some people probably found a way to complain about something, whether it was a small or large issue, but with us and what we have seen and done over the years, this ended up being one for records. With that said, I can also say that usually when we get back we are flooded with calls during the week asking us how the show went, no matter where we go. I think I lost my voice telling people what a great show they missed. The most repetitive thing I told everyone this week that asked was this new format of combining with another group. I was excited in telling them that I hope this gives the convention circuit in general a shot of adrenaline to the system. This was a major change that created something new enough instead of the same old every show and every year. We all know and it is no secret that the numbers for the associations for house movers are all going down, the TASM, The IASM, the midstates, and the New England States. What we noticed for possible reasons are no more than the numbers of movers are going down due to death, quitting, and retiring. Also, with internet, facebook, social media, websites, smartphones, and just computers in general, I think a lot of people get what they need now that was not available to them in years past unless they went to the shows. Today, it seems everyone is linked together and has formed almost one big massive online association where all the knowledge flows amongst everyone. However, finding a way to create something new as you did with combining the TASM and the NFRA, it sparked interest and I saw a new level of excitement I have not seen in a while for the people who attended the show and the ones that were calling that did not come finding out what they missed.

Anyway, I thought I would pass this along as I think it is important to gain knowledge on what to do in the future for these shows. Edgar and Gator, congrats once again on throwing one of the best yard tours to date, top 3. One last thing I think was a big hit was the facebook live that Lilly put on. I know it takes time with everything else going on, but for families or companies that could not make it, the ability to bring those people in and make them a little part of the show as well makes it pretty cool. Thanks for that.

If anyone has any other questions or would like to talk about anything else, we are always here to help out in anyway possible. Have a great year to all and we will all be in touch.


Jahns Structure Jacking Systems

We will be posting pictures Soon

News Update!

IMPORTANT! New… Regulations Starting September 23, 2017.

The attached presentation was presented at NFRA’s annual conference meeting back in April

on the new OSHA standards for silica and is really important. 

ALL… companies that  are  working in the field should be aware of the attached implementation rules and new standardsIgnorance is no excuse!


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Deadline for articles, Pictures and advertising is October 2nd.
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The Turnbow Project

Things to Consider When Hiring a Structural Mover!

Unfortunately, we are in times when being unscrupulous is not uncommon. So, when individuals arrive on your moving site and make promises of being able to resolve one’s need for a good price… and then disappear with your money you will have wished you had researched your mover more closer.

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House Move Example


Safety Compliance Alert

This Affects Private Companies Under OSHA Requirements
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OSHA Information

Below are a few Links to OSHA Booklets and posters and general information that should come in Handy.

Construction Industry Digest

OSHA's Heat Illness Campaign

All About OSHA

General Link to Publications


Headquarters has re–structured the TASM HOME page on our website to allow for our “vender friends” to become our “ADVERTISER PARTNERS”. Anytime you have equipment needs or product needs we hope you will support those vendors who support TASM. You can simply call direct or “click–on” any of the ads on the TASM HOME page and their ad will LINK to that advertiser and more product information. In addition, home and building moves can be featured at the top of the website to show consumers what we are capable of so send us some great pictures and stories. We can use them for our web or magazine.